Чешский производитель защитной и дверной фурнитуры
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Information – door fittings 802 and 807 with logo LOB .

We would like to draw your attention to the fitting 802 and 807 , with logo LOB on the outer shield. These fittings are manufactured for the company LOB SA , the biggest Polish manufacturer of locks and profile cylinders . ROSTEX VYŠKOV, s.r.o estabilished long-term cooperation with LOB SA, not only in the field of cooperative production , but also sells products LOB on the Czech market.


Door fittings manufactured under the brand LOB  are intended for export markets and available in different technical design, that is not certified as a security fitting. It can not therefore be confused with security fittings 802 and 807 , even though they are made of the same materials and the same coating .


The purpose of this and other official communication that we have already done , is to draw attention to this fact and warn customers against some dishonest dealers, who offer this product for sale as security hardware and mislead customers. But certainly we do not want to associate  LOB brand with unfair dealings of such traders.

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